Chargeurs is an impressive €800Mn business on track to double in size. Its businesses range from innovative textiles and advanced materials manufacturing to award winning museum design and luxury goods. The company operates across the world from Uruguay to France to China.

Integrated Sales Growth / Managing Sales

The Challenge

The businesses have succeeded mainly on the basis of technical excellence, long term individual relationships. The goal is to achieve high levels of market share in it schosen sectors and to do this by developing a world-class salesforce adapted to customers needs for the years ahead.

What we did

The first phase worked across the divisions with three main elements. A Fit2Sell with each divisional leadership team clarified, agreed and validated where the sales organisation was at the start, where they wanted to be and built a robust plan to get from here to there.
The second element was working with 20 strategic account teams to develop the accounts and build a new KAM approach. Some real stars have emerged as account leaders and the account teams are focussed, communicating better and working across silos.

The third element of this phase is the creation of a Blue Book which identifies actual and desired sales capabilities and compiles, curates and communicates learning and coaching resources.

The rollout phase includes sales training and further application of KAM principles and practices.

Sales Levers case study


“The good news is that we now all agree where the problems are but also have a shared view of where the solutions will be. I’m very pleased with the way our leaders and their teams have shifted not just their understanding but their behaviours. There has been a real change in commitment and engagement through the whole exercise.”
Vincent Larnicol: International Business Development Director

There have been a number of major advances by the account teams: e.g. global product listing and nomination by a prestige brand; global head of sustainability mandates innovative products for adoption across the group; global customer which was managed regionally now working to an integrated global agenda covering supply-chain, R&D and industry applications. There have been significant business wins as well in the first few months.


  • 11.4% increase in volume & 14.45% increase in value year-on-year.
  • 30% ahead of budget YTD.
  • 18% increase in volumes compared with customer’s own 6% growth.
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