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Winning in sales is not easy; especially when the rules of the game keep changing and competition is fierce. But for the winners, the prizes can be huge. At SalesLevers we are committed to helping our clients with good selling - good selling that does good for your business, your people, your customers, your supply-chain and for your wider stakeholders. For us good selling means two things - selling with integrity and selling professionally in a challenging business world - full of risk as well as opportunity. As part of SalesFitness Group, SalesLevers brings together the art, science and business of sales - blending experience and innovation to deliver results through development, processes and tools.

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Win Strategies

Well before the team go onto the pitch for the opening game of the season, leaders have been working on strategies. What do you want to achieve this season? Do you have the right squad or do you need to recruit? How much will success cost? How do you get motivation and fitness where it needs to be? How do you balance individual performance with team success? Which stakeholders do you need to engage? What are the risks you need to manage? Getting the sales strategy right makes success possible.

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coaching to win

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Training Ground

An integrated range of sales training programmes covering the key skills that deliver sales success. You benefit from our strong and long experience of training well over 10,000 salespeople from over 1000 companies. You also gain from our insights into innovative ways to engage salespeople in their continuing learning.

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SalesLevers Training Ground

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Once people have the skills they need, they have to apply them in different situations, whether it’s helping a buyer make sense of too much information, launching a new product or justifying a price rise. SalesLevers Playbooks are usually online and collect, curate, and communicate the best ways of working, tips and techniques. Very specific to you and your situation they embed learning and drive payback.

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SalesLevers Playbook

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Coach to win

Coaching is as key to sales as is it to sports – both on and off the field. Coaching turns the strategies, training, playbooks and the kitbag into reality; whether its direct coaching of the team or coach-the-coaches.

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If you’ve ever seen a team travelling to a match you’ll have seen the kitbags that go with them. A SalesLevers kitbag contains the sales tools you’ll need to ensure peak performance and deliver on the efforts put in on the training ground and support the playbook. Tools include contact matrix, sales growth analysis, sales leadership plans, account planning tools … As well as providing our own tools we have searched out and advise on sales enablement tools from partners and third parties.

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SalesLevers Kitbag

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Selling is Changing. Talk to us about developing people, processes and tools to enhance sales success in a changing world.

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The thing that we have brought in is sales methodology. How do you create a capture plan or an account plan? How do you approach the customer? How do you build trust in the relationship? How do you build an alternative approach? How do you talk about other subjects than pure price? Now we are talking about many other things to the client - innovation, sustainability, supply chain efficiencies. Now we're bringing in the marketing team into those accounts. We have brought in a different sales system, a true account management system. And we are really enthusiastic as a result because (and that's really the good news out of this) we are actually seeing practical and commercial results out of these six months work on the accounts, It’s a very positive result, a very encouraging result. It pushes us to now formalise the key account management structure across the company.

International Business Development Director

SalesLevers provide really meaningful sales training. I've been around for more than a minute and been through most of the major sales trainings. They share some of the tried and true best practices, but also provide fresh insights to where everyone can do better... while embodying respect for clients and their needs. I really valued that they were able to provide motivation AND specific strategies for our junior team members without talking down to our more experienced players. Much appreciated!

Nora Trentacoste

Regional Sales Director at Texthelp

I’ve recently completed a relationship management and KAM/SAM programme delivered through SalesLevers. The programme was relevant and extremely informative. What impressed me was the attention to detail and the preparation put in to understand our organisation, our market and our roles. It was also very evident that they have a wealth of experience in this arena and could bring examples, stories and tools into the learning that were compelling and enlightening. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Ian Laverty

Account Director Invest Northern Ireland

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