Mizuno is a multinational organisation with Mizuno Golf as one of its integral business units. Mizuno Golf is recognised as one of the preeminent brands in the golf industry especially when focussing on irons and woods. It has however lagged some of its major competitors in terms of market share and category penetration.

Managing Sales

The Challenge

To increase market share in diverse channels and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales resources.

To optimise the activity levels, concentration of effort and effectiveness of the sale steam.

SalesLevers Golf

What we are doing

The first phase was a diagnostic Fit2Sell with the leadership team which pinpointed the specific improvement areas to work and their order of importance. We further set up the Mizuno Key performance indicators and introduced some new ones to enable us to measure the impact on the desired result improvement areas.

From this came the second phase: the business improvement plan. This contains the events, actions and activities to be undertaken to achieve the required changes.

We are working through this plan with the leadership team to install the sales leadership planning, tools, events, actions and methodologies to produce the desired results.

The Results

Adrian Longstaff Sales Manager for Northern Europe sees the results from this as:

  • Increased level and focus of sales activity across the region whilst keeping the cost of sale at previous levels.
  • Improved category penetration by volume per customer and by category in the overall customer base.
  • Restructure of the salesforce to enable increased focus and business growth on key accounts whilst maintaining overall customer coverage.
  • Increase in sales ahead of plan.
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