SalesFitness Group

SalesFitness Group was incorporated in 2011 as About Sales Limited and changed its name in 2022 to reflect a new structure following a number of acquisitions.

SFG exists because we believe good selling does good – good for the customer, good for the salesperson’s organisation and its stakeholders and good for the individual salesperson too. Good selling means two things: selling with integrity and selling with professionalism. In a business world that is changing rapidly and radically the strategies, processes and skills that have served in the past need to change to deliver winning results in the future.

The directors of SFG are committed to bringing the best possible sales resources to clients who are determined to outperform the market. Martin Allison is a highly experienced senior banker and a seasoned entrepreneur and director. Richard Higham brings 30 years of leadership in a global sales performance consultancy. Both have a passion and expertise in helping individuals and businesses succeed in the changing world of sales.

Together they are building a team that is making a significant difference to clients who want to achieve results that set them above their peers and which add measurable value to their businesses.

SalesFitness Group has three “pillars” of activity supporting customers.
SalesWisdom focuses on research, insights and our analytical solutions FIT2SELL and FIT4KAM.

SalesLevers provides processes and tools to enable improved performance, as well as coaching and training for individual and team development.

SalesWindow works on recording, reporting and forecasting. Here you’ll find SalesRelay (the refreshed version of i-snapshot) and our new forecasting app for complex sales SalesCast. 

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