SalesLevers approach to international sales programmes

If you want to build and deploy international training (sales, management, customer relations, marketing, communication) then you will have demanding criteria.

Our extensive experience of winning, designing and delivering international programmes over many years tells us that these criteria will include:

  1. International reach with local sensitivity
  2. Effective international programme management
  3. High quality delivered virtually and face-to-face
  4. Strong implementation and reinforcement
  5. Measurement of the impact and Return on Investment

International reach with local sensitivity

SalesLevers is able to deliver international programmes through our partner companies in Gyroscope International.

Because we have worked on so many international programmes we understand the tension between consistency across the international business and the need to make things work for divisions and countries who may well have particular needs and conditions.

Our experience covers a range of corporate structures and cultures from HQ driven, through regional hubs to decentralised networks. Each model presents different challenges which we are able to respond to flexibly but effectively.

Gyroscope International teams are based in over 30 countries. Experienced professionals deliver in local languages with deep experience of local business conditions,
We have the ability to adjust the weight given to local and international priorities
At the start of any programme you define the desired level of local adaptation so as to take into account: the culture of the country, the level of participants per country and the monitoring system.

Effective international programme management

For each project, an international project manager is appointed. The project manager builds a team made up of consultants selected according to the training focus.

SalesLevers provides Development, Processes and Toolas as part of SalesFitness Group Limited Registered Office 3 Startforth Road Middlesbrough TS2 1PT Registered no.7741857

Our consultants share the same underlying concepts and methodologies and the project manager will ensure that each of the consultants fully understands the context and content of the training and is fully equipped to deliver to the highest standards.
The project manager will be your prime point of contact and will work closely with your project team(s).
We will also appoint an Executive Sponsor – a Gyroscope International Director who will act as a point of escalation and provide strategic oversight.

Our processes and tools for deploying international projects are transparent and are validated by you.

High quality delivered virtually and face-to-face

Our consultants are all senior professionals, with more than 10 years of experience as hands-on sales practitioners and leaders and as specialists in designing and delivering highly effective training.

Their training approach based on a proven and shared teaching methodology, as well as on a library of training and good practices organized by theme and business sector.
We integrate the latest advances in the design and delivery of training: digital, insight selling, value-selling.

Strong implementation and reinforcement

Our project manager will inform you in real time both of the satisfaction of the participants and of the implementation actions that have been committed to.

We have proven ability to mobilize your employees in putting the training into practice. We are experts in the levers that drive post-training implementation: incentive systems, tools for steering implementation efforts, manager engagement, sharing of success stories, virtual community facilitation, field coaching, etc.

As a minimum, we build a kit for each training course allowing managers to integrate the training content and follow the implementation.

Measurement of the impact and Return on Investment

We are passionate about measuring the impact of training and follow Professor Kirkpatrick’s proven 4 level approach:

  1. Response
  2. Change in understanding
  3. Change in behaviour
  4. Change in result


Because the combined SalesLevers/Gyroscope International team is able to meet these five criteria you can have confidence in the effective design and delivery of your international programme.



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