Where are you going? How will you get there?

How FIT2SELL has been making a difference for our clients

Delivering the business result in a radically and rapidly changing environment is both important and difficult. FIT2SELL is our response to your need to succeed in these volatile and uncertain times.

It’s a four week process that allows you to clarify, agree and validate where you are today, where you really want to get to and see the most efficient and effective way to get there.

FIT4KAM is a version specially adapted to working with key accounts.


Some examples of FIT2SELL and FIT4KAM at work

A series of FIT4KAM run with the divisions of this 850Mn French industrial & luxury group: “The good news is that we now all agree where the problems are but also have a shared view of where the solutions will be.  I’m very pleased with the way our leaders have shifted not just their understanding but their behaviours.  There has been a real change in commitment and engagement through the whole exercise.” Vincent Larnicol International Business Development Director 

Dimensions is the market leader in tailored corporate uniforms working with the likes of McDonalds, Royal Mail, British Airways and Aldi. 

“Recently I have been working on a Fit4KAM. Working with the team has really reinvigorated our passion for keeping it simple and focusing on the things that matter. In a time when we are all working out how do we ‘get back to normal’, focusing on clear data driven decisions that are linked to delivering real client value must be high on the list of what we need to do.  Whilst I believe I have the best team in our industry, having an experienced set of ‘external eyes’ challenge and test us has been invaluable.”Phil Harland, Sales Director, Dimensions

Henry Colbeck
Henry Colbeck is a major food service company with operations covering the north of England and Scotland. It primarily supplies fish and chip shops, both take away and restaurants.  With almost 2500 customers the sales operation needs to be efficient and effective in order to cover the customer base, ensure that the category and product penetration per customer is maximised and that the customer experience is extremely positive. 

With this in mind and with a recent change to the competitive environment HC engaged in a FIT2SELL to ensure that the senior team is managing both the internal and external sales resource to maximise opportunities and deliver growth. 

The analytics from the Build-up phase led to a business improvement master plan containing the events, actions and activities to be undertaken to achieve the required changes. 

Results include:

  1. An increase in sales force efficiency of 10% 
  2. Improvements in sales force activity aiming for an overall coverage of 85% 
  3. Overall performance improved ahead of target in very difficult market conditions 

This leading regional insurance broker used FIT2Sell to validate their priorities before a 12 months sales leadership and account management programme. As one Regional Director put it “we have surpassed last year’s targets and are also ahead of target in the early part of this year.”

Mizuno Golf wanted to increase market share and category penetration.  Starting with a FIT2SELL Build-Up the business is now in the second year of a Rollout. Adrian Longstaff Sales Manager for Northern Europe sees the results from this as:

  1. Increased level and focus of sales activity across the region whilst keeping the cost of sale at previous levels. 
  2. Improved category penetration by volume per customer and by category in the overall customer base. 
  3. Restructure of the salesforce to enable increased focus and business growth on key accounts whilst maintaining overall customer coverage. 
  4. Increase in sales ahead of plan. 


Advantex is a full-service IT. communication and security system solution provider based in the North East of England. This is a family run business that has grown steadily over the last 10 years that has now taken the decision to accelerate using an aggressive organic growth plan. The company has household names as clients, e.g.  Hitachi rail, Caterpillar, Newcastle Airport but wants to extend the range and reach of work with these types of customers and to win new ones.

The initial FIT2SELL Build-up has been followed by a 12-month rollout.  Sales & Marketing Director Steve O’Connell describes the outcomes:

  1. Development of Microsoft dynamics to support the sales resources sales process to improve conversion rates with both current and new customers 
  2. Focussed elements of the new business acquisition process through a sectoral approach which has resulted in increased opportunity generation. 
  3. Restructured and grown the sales function resulting in increased sales result. 
  4. Accelerated and above target growth in opportunity generation and y % in the company sales result. 

This multinational manufacturer of high technology protective films for the construction, automotive and domestic appliance sectors is moving from a traditional sales to an integrated key account operating model.  FIT4KAM has provided a clear structure to manage global accounts and has had an immediate impact on volumes e.g.+36%, margins e.g. + 5%, and share of wallet e.g. +50%.  

If you’d like to know more about how this approach might work well in your business we’ll be happy to have a conversation.

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